Brexit: Coveney in pledge on European health insurance cards

Brexit: Coveney in pledge on European health insurance cards

Brexit: Coveney in pledge on European health insurance cards .The Irish government has said it is eager to take care of the expense of European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) for all residents in NI after a no-bargain Brexit.

Simon Coveney was speaking during a visit

Tanaiste (Irish representative PM) Simon Coveney said this would cost up to 4m euros (£3.46m).

He said the cards would be accessible to everybody in Northern Ireland, not simply the individuals who hold an Irish visa.

Mr Coveney was talking during a visit to Downpatrick on Wednesday.

The EHIC at present qualifies UK residents for state-gave therapeutic treatment on the off chance that they become sick or have a mishap in EU or EFTA-part nations.

In the event that the UK leaves with no arrangement, EHICs issued in the UK won’t be substantial.

Rude awakening: What will happen to the EHIC after Brexit?

Will Erasmus plan proceed after Brexit?

Mr Coveney said this was an “emergency course of action” in case of a no-bargain Brexit.

“We need to attempt to stretch out those benefits to everyone in Northern Ireland,” he said.

“That is something we would attempt to advance based on residency in Northern Ireland instead of whether you hold a British or Irish visa which, obviously, is a touchy thing connected to individuals’ experience and personality.”

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar recently said he needed it to be held post-Brexit for individuals in Northern Ireland.

The UK is attempting to arrive at concurrences with EU governments to broaden the proportional health care game plans.

He likewise said it would mean passing enactment in the Dail.

“At the point when EU residents traverse the EU they have health insurance spread,” Mr Coveney said.

“We are working and will guarantee that we stretch out that privilege to Northern Ireland

Practical benefits

“That will include passing enactment here and it will include the Irish government if essential paying for that insurance spread for residents in Northern Ireland.”

He added that he needed to guarantee natives in Northern Ireland could keep on getting to the Erasmus programs after Brexit.

The Erasmus plan is an EU program that enables understudies to contemplate in different nations.

Anybody conceived in Northern Ireland has the option to recognize as Irish or British or both. Because of the Good Friday Agreement. A harmony arrangement marked in April 1998 by the British and Irish governments, and Northern Ireland’s ideological groups.

In an announcement, the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs said that “so as to

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